‘Reformers’ playbook on failing schools fails a fact check – R. Rothstein

Richard Rothstein.  The Economic Policy Institute.  January 23, 2012.  “Reformers’ Playbook on failing schools fails a fact check.”  Retrieved on January 25, 2012.  http://www.epi.org/blog/reformers-playbook-failing-schools-facts/

The author uses NAEP scores, student tests that teachers cannot prepare for, to show the “failing” schools problem is made-up.

Key quote:

Education “reformers” have a common playbook. First, assert without evidence that regular public schools are “failing” and that large numbers of regular (unionized) public school teachers are incompetent. Provide no documentation for this claim other than that the test score gap between minority and white children remains large. Then propose so-called reforms to address the unproven problem – charter schools to escape teacher unionization and the mechanistic use of student scores on low-quality and corrupted tests to identify teachers who should be fired.


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