New D.C. principal’s termination letter from Dallas – V. Strauss

Strauss, Valerie. “New D.C. principal’s termination letter from Dallas.” The Washington Post. February 1, 2012.  Retrieved on February 2, 2012.

This article highlights a possibly unintended consequence of an over-reliance on standardized tests.  We get too much emphasis on tested subjects at the expense of educating the whole child.  In this case it led to an administrator forcing teachers to lie about grades.

A 2011 letter recommending the termination of a Dallas school principal who was recently hired by D.C. Public Schools accused her of “unethical and unlawful conduct.” It said that she directed some teachers not to teach science, music and social studies, to falsify grades in those subjects and to focus on math and reading in preparation for standardized testing.


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