These Educators Deserve a Movie Deal – L. Eskelsen

Eskelsen, Lily.  (2012, February 1) “These Educators Deserve a Movie Deal.”  Retrieved from

The blog post covers the Pennsylvania School District whose funding was cut so severely cut by the governor that they were going to close the entire school.  The teachers and ESPs decided to work for free.

The way the axe came down on Chester Upland’s students would have meant locking the doors and wishing the children luck in finding a new school. Except the heroes of Chester Upland, those teachers and support professionals and their union decided, without permission from anyone, not to let that happen.

“We are adults; we will make a way,” Sara Ferguson told her local paper this month. “The students don’t have any contingency plan. They need to be educated, so we intend to be on the job.”

They decided to keep working even though the district told them they could not guarantee them they would ever be paid.


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