President of Ohio Charter Organization Calls Diane Ravitch a Liar – G. Mild

Mild, Greg. (2012, February 4) “President of Ohio Charter Organization Calls Diane Ravitch a Liar”  Retrieved from:

The author uses data from the Ohio Department of Education to confirm the findings of education expert Diane Ravitch.

But perhaps looking at student test scores isn’t the best indicator of performance. Maybe we should be looking at the bigger picture our school systems. After all, a large number of those charter schools that don’t have value-added scores exist as “dropout recovery” schools whose sole purpose is to help students graduate. So how are these laser-focused charters performing compared to the large urban districts?

Charter schools – 45.1% graduation rate
Big 8 Urban districts – 77.6% graduation rate

Those numbers are facts.

That’s not what anyone should call “outperforming” in my opinion.


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