The Reform My Students Need – K. Osgood

Osgood, Katie. (2012, February 3) “The Reform My Students Need.”  Retrieved from

The author teaches at a psychiatric hospital in Chicago.  She teaches the students who suffer from gang involvement, drugs, depression, hunger, homelessness, and neglect.  She is angry because the reforms, such as Charter Schools, TFA, and testing do not focus on the students.

Charter schools are being hailed as ‘the answer’ and then they unapologetically push my students out. I have worked with kids who were counseled out of all of the major charter school providers in Chicago, even the highly publicized ones lauded by Arne Duncan, Mayor Emanuel, and President Obama. The charters are not serving my kids. My students are also getting more and more untrained novice teachers, like the corporate reform favorite Teach for America provides, and fewer experienced educators.

When will the conversation shift away from non-issues like choice, competition, bad teachers, and test scores, to finally focus on the kinds of reform that would actually make a difference in these kids’ lives?


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