Standardized Testing: The Monster That Ate American Education – M. Erickson

Erickson, Megan.  (2012, February 6.)  “Standardized Testing: The Monster That Ate American Education”  Retrieved from:

This is a short article, with video, about standardized tests and NCLB.  The author does not point out the fact that the NCLB legislation has required schools across America to spend 2.3 billion dollars a year on tests.  That’s tax dollars which could be used to employ 40,000 teachers going to testing companies.

Says Ravitch: “I used to think that our society and schools could use tests to improve. But what’s happened with the test – and I don’t think I understood this until No Child Left Behind really went into full implementation — is that tests have now become the linchpin of education.”

We are so test-obsessed that schools are being closed based on test scores, even when those scores reflect that the schools have a heavy enrollment of very poor kids or children with disabilities. We don’t evaluate the problems that need to be solved in that school. We say, “We have to close the school.”


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