Outcomes Analyses Suggest Concerns for Virtual Schools – M. Morrison

Morrison, Michael.  (2011, February 13.) “Outcomes Analyses Suggest Concerns for Virtual Schools.”  Decisions Based Evidence.  Retrieved from: http://www.decisionsonevidence.com/2012/02/outcomes-analyses-suggests-concerns-for-virtual-schools/

The post focuses on a recent study from Colorado where students who attended online schools scored considerably lower than students who attended a traditional school.  The post also reports on similar findings in Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

From the Colorado Department of Education:

“….online students consistently achieve proficiency at rates less than non‐online students. The differences in proficiency rates were greatest in math and the smallest in reading and science. Also consistent with Table 8, logistic regression results for data reported in Table 9 indicate the within grade differences between online and non‐online students in the likelihood of achieving proficiency were all statistically significant (p<.05).”


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