Walkthrough team deems reading area ‘clutter,’ removes it. – A. Gamin

Gamin, Andrew.  (2012, February 9.)  “Walkthrough team deems reading area ‘clutter,’ removes it.”  The Notebook.  Retrieved from: http://www.thenotebook.org/blog/124514/walkthrough-team-deems-reading-area-clutter-removes-it

A concerned husband writes about his wife’s classroom in Philadelphia where “experts” removed the reading area she created for her students in the back of her classroom.  The author writes a considerable amount about what the students lost and the obvious wrong of the situation, however the larger problem is the fact that talented teachers are not allowed to do what they know is best for their students.

Of course, since Lea is an Empowerment School, skilled teachers like my wife are effectively handcuffed to the scripted curriculum. They are not free to use their knowledge and expertise, because the District says that it is better for them to act like automatons and follow the script.


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