A Case of Misplaced Blame- How The Real Culprits in America’s Decline are Shifting Responsibility to Schools and Teachers – M. Naison

Naison, Mark.  (2012, February 15.)  “A Case of Misplaced Blame – How the RealCulprits in America’s Decline are Shifting Responsibility to Schools and Teachers.”  With a Brooklyn Accent.  Retrieved from: http://withabrooklynaccent.blogspot.com/2012/02/case-of-misplaced-blame-how-real.html

The author first reflects on communities devastated by irresponsible businesses whose public schools remained the lone bright spot and then shifts to present day scenarios where the big banks have blamed teachers for the economic woes facing our society.

It is not American business which is the great success story and public education the dismal failure, but the other way around. Maybe it’s time to bring teachers and administrators into our top firms and have them show how to run things without wasting huge amounts of money on executive salaries, and without making people work in constant fear of being fired.

Whose uncontrolled financial speculation led to the failure of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and A.I.G. along with the disappearance of 7 Trillion Dollars in wealth once owned by individuals, pension funds, banks and insurance companies? Are 28 percent of the homes in the United States under water because of union teachers?


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