Borrowing wise words from those truly market-based, Private Independent Schools. – B. Baker

Baker, Bruce D. (2012, February 12.) “Borrowing wise words from those truly market-based, Private Independent Schools.” School Finance 101.  Retrieved from:

Mr. Baker looks at the educational philosophy of some of the top private schools and points out they specifically stay away from testing, merit pay, and even firing teachers.

From the National Association of Independent Schools (as quoted by Baker):

We do not have to respond to the whims of the state, nor to every or any educational trend. We can maximize our time attuned to students and how they learn, and to the development of curriculum that enriches them and encourages the skills and attitudes of independent thinkers.

Merit pay, so routine in the corporate world, has a miserable track record in education. It almost never improves outcomes and almost always damages morale, sowing dissension and distrust, for three excellent reasons, among others: (1) teachers are driven to help their own students, not to outperform other teachers, which violates the ethic of service and the norms of collegiality; (2) as artisans engaged in idiosyncratic work with students whose performance can vary due to factors beyond school control, teachers often feel that there is no rational, fair basis for comparison; and (3) in schools where all faculty feel underpaid, offering a special sum to a few sparks intense resentment.


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