A simple question teachers should now ask about their profession. – C. Corbett Burris

Corbett Burris, Carol.  “A simple question teachers should now ask about their profession.”  Washington Post. February 27, 2012.  Retrieved from: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/a-simple-question-teachers-should-now-ask-about-their-profession/2012/02/26/gIQAwMplcR_blog.html%23pagebreak

A principal in NYC, where the City government now assignes a number grade to a teacher, writes about the many problems with this system, who is to blame, and urges teachers to demand more of their politicians.

Teachers will be even more likely to teach to the test, to resent uncooperative students, and to see fellow teachers as rivals not colleagues. They will hesitate to take on student teachers, who might depress their score. (This is already being reported by some Long Island schools of education). They will be confused as their scores go up and down each year, even as those teachers work harder and harder to prepare students for tests.


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