Can’t Blame Teacher Tenure For Failing Schools – J. Courtmanche

Courtmanche, Jason. “Can’t Blame Teacher Tenure For Failing Schools.” The Hartford Courant. February 26, 2012.  Retrieved from:–20120226,0,5934612.story

The author compares and contrasts wealthy schools with poverty stricken schools and asks why the same tenure and due process laws are to blame for “failing” schools but not the “highly performing” schools.

Students in wealthy, educated towns such as New Canaan, Fairfield,Glastonbury or Mansfield succeed despite their teachers’ tenure, yet we are supposed to believe that the struggles of students in neighboring towns such as Norwalk, Bridgeport, Hartford andWindham are the fault of teachers’ collectively bargained rights to due process.

(The corporate reform philosophy) rests upon the premise that teachers know exactly what needs to be done to improve education, but they simply aren’t doing it. They assume that if we remove tenure and threaten teachers with reprisal, then teachers will do their jobs. In truth, the challenges in education are much more complex, and tenure is not to blame.


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