Grades may miss what’s important. – D. Forsblom

Forsblom, Deborah.  Letter. The Columbus Dispatch. “Grades may miss what’s important.”  March 17, 2012.  Retrieved from:

The letter is in response to a Dispatch article about the new grading system being given to school districts.  The author of the letter attended a meeting where her district’s superintendent tried to explain why the new system is flawed.

According to (Bexley Superintendent Mike) Johnson: “The report card does not acknowledge quality issues such as supporting the arts, AP programming, world languages, gifted education, etc. Although our school district will get the B grade, the other indicators of a high-quality education are not acknowledged or reinforced. The report card is minimalistic at best, because it ignores completely the efforts our school district and community are taking to support a high-quality, well-rounded educational experience for its children.”


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