About Those Tests I Gave You • An Open Letter to My Students – R.A. Dandrea

Dandrea, Ruth Ann.  “About Those Tests I Gave You • An Open Letter to My Students.” Rethinking Schools. Spring 2012.  Retrieved from: http://rethinkingschools.org/archive/26_03/26_03_dandrea.shtml

The teacher/author writes this letter, not only pointing out some of the absurdities of our tests, but also mentions what she believes is the bigger picture in education and encourages her students to keep being creative.

I spent last night perusing the 150-plus pages of grading materials provided by the state in anticipation of reading and evaluating your English Language Arts Exams this morning. I knew the test was pointless—that it has never fulfilled its stated purpose as a predictor of who would succeed and who would fail the English Regents in 11th grade. Any thinking person would’ve ditched it years ago. Instead, rather than simply give a test in 8th grade that doesn’t get kids ready for the test in 11th grade, the state opted to also give a test in 7th grade to get you ready for your 8th-grade test.


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