Testing Day: ‘More like lockdown than an elementary school.’ – L. Lee

Lee, Larry.  Letter via The Washington Post. “Testing Day: ‘More like lockdown than an elementary school.'” April 18, 2012. Retrieved from: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/testing-day-more-like-lockdown-than-an-elementary-school/2012/04/17/gIQALbM7OT_blog.html?wprss=rss_answer-sheet

Larry Lee is the former executive director of the Covington County Economic Development Commission and the West Central Partnership of Alabama.  He took a day to visit a high performing school while they were testing and found the mood morbid at best.

I questioned two teachers afterwards. A 6th grade teacher said, “I suppose it’s a necessary evil, but you really have to wonder how good of a picture do you get of how well a child can read when you test them for only 160 minutes with largely multiple choice questions.”

And what do the kids get from all of this? Not a damn thing. None of their grades will be impacted by how they perform on THE TEST. This is all about trying to reach unrealistic goals set by No Child Left Behind that declares that all children in this country will be above average by 2014.


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