Value Added, Super Bowls and Education – S. Singer

Singer, Stuart.  “Value added, super bowls and education.”  Blog.  The Principal Difference.  April 14, 2012.  Retrieved from:

Retired Math Teacher, building leader, coach, and author, Stuart Singer compares what would have happened to hall of fame coach Joe Gibbs if he had a VA score with Washington DC Teacher Sarah Wysocki who had outstanding evaluations and was fired because her students did score high enough on high stakes tests.

“Let’s check out the value added score of Joe Gibbs. If one were to study his record during his first tenure with Washington in terms of value added… By this time, if he was judged in a manner similar to a teacher in DC he would have been fired (3 consecutive Negative Value Added results in a row and 4 out of 5,) for clearly being an ineffective coach.”

What numbers can be attached to leadership, commitment, creativity and unselfishness? As illustrated in the case of Joe Gibbs, his vast talents were undeniable even if his value added performance, like Ms. Wysocki, was skewed toward the negative.


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