No Educational Gifts under This Tree. – S. Singer

Singer, Stuart.  “No educational gifts under this tree.”  Blog.  The Principal Difference.  May 14, 2012.  Retrieved from:

Author Stuart Singer writes about the many problems with using bubble sheet tests to evaluate schools, principals, and teachers.  Among the many problems is that the tests the students are taking have no bearing on their grades, GPA, or graduation.  They have no reason to take the tests seriously.

We were discussing accountability and one teacher mentioned that the students were ‘Christmas-treeing’ the tests. While I had never heard the term ‘Christmas-treeing,’ I quickly figured out that the students were not taking the tests seriously and were using the answer sheets to create drawings… In our discussion, the teachers talked about their frustration with the lack of student accountability. The school, the teachers, and the administrators were being held accountable for the results of the test, but the students were not.


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