Wall Street’s Investment in School Reform. – D. Ravitch

Ravitch, Diane.  ”Wall Street’s Investment in School Reform.”  Education Week – Bridging Differences.  May 22, 2012.  Retrieved from:  http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/Bridging-Differences/2012/05/how_wall_street_invested_in_sc.html

The author questions the real motifs of hedge fund managers touting charter schools.

The results are in: Some charters get high test scores, some get low scores, most are no different in test scores from public schools. The wonder is that there are so many low-performing and mediocre charters when they have everything the reform movement demands: no unions, no tenure, no seniority, performance pay, and plenty of uncertified or alternatively certified teachers.

The hedge-fund managers love to get public funding to manage schools that enroll minority children; this not only reduces the cost to them of running a charter school, but it enables them to fantasize that they are part of the civil rights movement of our day. Frankly, it is hard to imagine Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. linking arms with Wall Street hedge-fund managers in a crusade to eliminate unions and to promote privately controlled alternatives to the public schools where the great majority of children are enrolled. Some of us remember that Dr. King was assassinated in Memphis while supporting the right of the city’s sanitation workers to join a union.


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