An open letter to President Obama about Romney’s class size. – L. Haimson

Haimson, Leonie.  Letter.  “An open letter to President Obama about Romney’s class size.”  Parents Across America.  May 25, 2012.  Retrieved from:

The Executive Director of Class Size Matters points out the hypocrisy of wealthy politicians and corporate reformers who claim large classes are no different than smaller ones despite the evidence to the contrary.

Yet there is no education reform that has more research backing than smaller classes, and certainly not online learning, which has never been shown to work to raise student achievement.  In contrast, class size reduction in the early grades is one of only four reforms cited by the Institute of Education Sciences, the research arm of your own Department of Education, as having been proven to be effective through rigorous evidence; and there are literally scores of other controlled studies that show benefits from smaller classes in the middle and upper grades as well.


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