More Ohio Charter War Collateral Damage. – S. Dyer

Dyer, Stephen.  “More Ohio Charter War Collateral Damage.”  10th Period. June 7, 2012.  Retrieved from:

Past Ohio State Representative Stephen Dyer examines the problem of Charter School finances and the sale of school buildings to charter run businesses.

In the Theodore Roosevelt situation, according to the April 27 state paymentforms, it receives $1,765,386.74 for the 218.13 kids it educates. That means the state pays Theodore Roosevelt $8,093.28 per pupil. After Charters like Theodore Roosevelt receive their state money, CPS is left with $2,445 per pupil from the state.

When you add the financial issues to the fact that Theodore Roosevelt is in Academic Emergency (an F) on the state report card, has a Performance Index Score of 57.2 (which rates worse than all but about 45 of Ohio’s 3,625 school buildings) and has neither met Adequate Yearly Progress nor its Value Added benchmarks, you begin to understand CPS’ reluctance to have Theodore Roosevelt taking its kids.


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