More than just test scores. – H. Levin

Levin, Henry.  “More than just test scores.”  August 30, 2012.  Retrieved from:

Professor Levin, from Columbia University, writes about all the things which make a great workforce.  Testing for student achievement is only a small part of what a productive individual.

In fact, the measured relationships between test scores and earnings or productivity are modest and explain a relatively small share of the larger link between educational attainment and economic outcomes. What has been omitted from such narrow assessments are the effects that education has on the development of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and capabilities that affect the quality and productivity of the labour force. This article provides evidence on some of these relationships, on the degree to which the non-cognitive effects of schooling contribute to adult performance, and on the evidence that deliberate school interventions can influence non-cognitive outcomes. It concludes with the view that the quest for world-class schools must encompass a range of human development characteristics that extend considerably beyond test scores.


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