The Pearson Monopoly. – J. Jobs

Jobs, Jennifer. “The Pearson Monopoly.” Blog: newteacher. 2012.  Retrieved from:

The writer shows how Pearson has created a monopoly with testing, data, evaluations, and curriculums by acquiring competitors and teaming up with politicians and other businesses.

In a little over a decade, Pearson has practically taken over education as we know it.  Currently, it is the largest educational assessment company in the U.S. Twenty-five states use them as their only source of large-scale testing, and they give and mark over a billion multiple choice tests every year.  They are one of the largest suppliers of textbooks, especially as they look to acquire Random House this year.  Their British imprint EdExcel is the largest examination board in the UK to be held in non-government hands.

Pearson has realized that education is big business. Last year, they did 2.6 billion pounds of business, with a profit of 500 million pounds (close to a billion dollars).


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