Online Schools Spend Millions on Advertising to Recruit New Students. – M. Bloom

Bloom, Molly.  “Online Schools Spend Millions on Advertising to Recruit New Students.”  NPR, StateImpact.  November 29, 2012.  Retrieved from:

The author recaps a recent article from USA Today about the amount of tax dollars spent by for-profit charter schools on advertising with an emphasis on what is happening in Ohio with White Hat Management and the Ohio Virtual Learning Academy.

We found it’s possible to run an online school for about $3,600 per student. But Ohio pays online charter schools about $6,300 per student. So what happens to the rest of the money?

While K12 Inc’s Ohio Virtual Academy itself is a nonprofit organization, the school pays K12 Inc. about two-thirds of the school’s public funding to run the school. That amounted to more than $40 million in 2010-11.


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