My View: Above all, teachers are in it for the kids. – D. Krache

Krache, Donna.  “My View: Above all, teachers are in it for the kids.”  CNN – Schools of Thought.  December 17, 2012.  Retrieved from:

The author, a past teacher who comes from a family of teachers, reflects on the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, CT and questions why teachers do what they do and why they refer to their students as “my kids”.

They’ve dipped into their own pockets for lunch money for kids who have none; they’ve given rides home when someone else forgets; they’ve miraculously produced a pair of gloves for a kid who spends recess with hands in pockets; they’ve listened to a child who needed to express fear or sadness.

For some kids, the kindness extended by teachers is the only kindness they know. It’s not a requirement of the job, but it’s something many teachers do, never giving it a second thought.

But when did it become part of a teacher’s job description to protect the lives of their students and risk their own?


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