Less Testing, More Learning. – K. Griffin

I sent the following letter into the Dublin Villager in response to an article they published on new tests in DCS.

I write this in response to the December 5 article titled “New Graduation Tests Don’t Worry Educators.”  The Dublin City School District has a strong background of providing an outstanding education to our students.  Our ratings of “Excellent with Distinction”, Blue Ribbon Schools, nationally ranked high schools, and number of students receiving awards and scholarships are proof that the Dublin City School District is one of the best in the country.

To be clear, teachers are not concerned about how Dublin students will perform on the new tests.  We know they will be prepared and we know they will perform well.  However these corporate created tests assume all children learn and think exactly the same way.  High-stakes tests, which can prevent students from advancing, are also are being used to evaluate teachers and are all but forcing teachers to teach to the test.

Instead of emphasizing one-size-fits-all bubblesheet tests our legislators should focus on instruction and allow teachers to teach the skills which will help our students flourish in a worldwide economy.  Less time spent testing and preparing for tests means more time for actual instruction and student learning.


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