Why we love artists but not art education. – L. Phillips

Phillips, Lisa.  “Why we love artists but now art education.”  Washington Post.  January 29, 2013.  Retrieved from: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2013/01/29/why-we-love-artists-but-not-arts-education/

The author, who has also written the Book “The Artistic Edge: 7 Skills Children Need to Succeed in an Increasingly Right Brain World.”, describes the growing discrepancy between what skills large corporations are looking for and what we are cutting from our schools.

Top CEO’s around the world are seeking out new employees who can think creatively, be innovative in business development and marketing strategies and show outstanding leadership qualities that will “wow” clients. This is what businesses need to compete in the global marketplace. In a 2010 study by IBM, interviews with CEO’s representing 33 industries and 60 countries identified creativity as the most important leadership skill for the future.

The problem is, our children are not spending their formative years honing this crucial skill. They are spending thousands of hours practicing math, science, history and other core subjects in the hopes of getting into excellent universities and gaining a highly coveted degree. A degree is important, but what about when it’s time to get a job?


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