Letter to Senator Hughes re: Value-Added and Evaluations. – K. Griffin

Senator Hughes,

This afternoon, February 2, I received a letter from you in response to an email I sent you in early December. The email related to HB 555 and a then rumored amendment mandating that value-added become 50% of a teacher’s evaluation for certain teachers.

Your two page letter addressed the sections of HB 555 relating to the new school report cards, PARCC assessments and the implementation of the common core curriculum, but makes no reference to teacher evaluations and value-added, which was my only concern mentioned in my email.

The rumored amendment was added to the bill, at the 11th hour with no hearings or time to public input. This amendment goes against recommendations from the Ohio Department of Education, Battelle for Kids, the Ohio Education Association, and even against a recent study by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on student data and teacher evaluation.

I’d like to again point out the glaring contradiction between telling teachers to be creative and innovative but then basing 50% of their evaluation on a single standardized test score.

I hope, for what is in the best interest of students and teachers, that this ill-conceived amendment is reversed quickly.

I thank you for your time and service to the people of Ohio.


Kevin Griffin
Dublin, OH


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