Is School Reform Making America Less Competitive? – D. Bernstein

Bernstein, David. “Is School Reform Making America Less Competitive?”  February 6, 2013. Via The Answer Sheet.  The Washington Post.  Retrieved from:

The author writes about the problems he has seen in schools but rejects that because there are some major issues in some urban schools (caused by poverty) reforms that are being imposed on successful districts are not only unneeded, but are also harming our students.

One history teacher commented: “I would love to do more projects and allow students to investigate ideas on their own. Unfortunately I have a district mandated curriculum and students take a test at the end of the year on that information. If I miss too many facts or slow down too much to allow them to do these projects then they may fail the test. I am judged on how well they do on this one test not on how well they think.”


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