Heckuva Job, Reformers. – D. Ravitch.

Ravitch, Diane.  “Heckuva Job, Reformers.”  February 27, 2013.  Retrieved from: http://dianeravitch.net/2013/02/27/heckuva-job-reformers/

In a summary of the 2013 Metlife Survey of the American Teacher Diane Ravitch summarizes some of the crucial findings in the survey and asks when the corporate reformers will be held accountable for the harm they are inflicting on students, teachers, and principals.

From the survey:

“Teacher satisfaction has declined to its lowest point in 25 years and has dropped five percentage points in the past year alone, from 44% to 39% very satisfied. This marks a continuation of a substantial decline noted in the 2011 MetLife Survey of the American Teacher; teacher satisfaction has now dropped 23 percentage points since 2008.”

From Dr. Ravitch:

“Bottom line: a workforce in the schools that is increasingly demoralized, stressed out because of the demands imposed on them by politicians, and worried that they and their students are being set up to fail by clueless reformers.”


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