My letter to Superintendent Elam. – K. Griffin

Dear Superintendent Elam,

I thank you for your courage in standing up for students and communities.  I know other school leaders are scared to publicly disagree with elected officials for fear of being labeled partisan and possibly even threatened with a politically motivated investigation, as you were.

If only everyone would understand, as you have, that bad policy is bad policy, regardless of who proposes it.  As Americans we have the right to question policy, especially when it infringes on the basic civil right of providing a quality education to children.

We should not accept, TEA Party policy, created by ALEC, that weakens our schools by taking locally voted tax dollars and giving them to secretive, corporate backed charter schools whose owners are more interested in turning a profit than in educating students.

Thank you again for your courage, leadership, and foresight in our quest to provide a better education to our children.


Kevin Griffin
Dublin, OH


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