Teachers are the O-Line. – K. Griffin

Teacher Appreciation Day

Common Core, assessments, assessments, assessments, data, data, data, just do-more-with-less, monitor this, document that, evaluations, RTTT, IEPs, 3rd Grade Reading, student growth measures, and aaaaaaaah!

Feeling appreciated is tough.

My high school football coach called the quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers the “glory boys”. These were the players who scored the touchdowns, would get all the praise, and have their names printed in the papers. But if the offensive line broke down, if the blocks weren’t made, the touchdowns would be non-existent.

Teachers are the offensive line of life. We build lives. We begin with basic reading and socialization skills and continue all the way through advanced physics, health, computer science, foreign language and the arts.

Teachers are responsible for giving every person the basic skills necessary to be part of our society and providing opportunities to allow them to be more than that. We take a human being and make them a person.

Your students will remember that you challenged and encouraged them. That you gave them extra help, made them laugh, and were there when they needed you. They will remember that other than their own parents, no one cared more about them than you.

Most great offensive linemen rarely get their names in the paper, but as sports buffs look back at the great teams the importance of the O-line stands out more and more. Without an offensive line the quarterback gets crushed. Without you, well, one can only imagine.


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