The Hypocrisy of Alex Fischer. – K. Griffin

Recently Alex Fischer, an out-of-touch CEO, made public his plans for Columbus Public Schools.  While asking teachers to make more concessions than they already have isn’t new his call for cheaper and less healthy meals for some of Ohio’s most needy children is outrageous. And this coming from the same person who is chairman of nationwide children’s hospital shows just how hypocritical these corporate education reformers are.

While it is important to have a cross section of community members on local committees and boards, any member who’s goal is to preserve their own financial interests at the expense of the children’s health should be removed immediately.

Furthermore Mr. Fischer’s recommendation to increase the number of unaccountable and un transparent charter schools, of which only 23% receive a passing grade from the Ohio Department of Education, is more proof of Fischer looking out for corporate interests, the chamber of commerce, and his wealthy buddies, instead of those of the children.

In viewing Fischer’s bio from the Columbus partnership website, he has an impressive amount of experience in dealing with businesses and economics, but nothing with education.  I’m left wondering of he sends his own children to one of the charter schools he wants to expand or if he feeds them the food he’s recommending for CPS students. My guess is no.


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