Poll: Most Americans sick of high-stakes standardized tests. – V. Strauss

Strauss, Valarie.  “Poll: Most Americans sick of high-stakes standardized tests.”  Washington Post.  August 21, 2013.  Retrieved from:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2013/08/21/poll-most-americans-sick-of-high-stakes-standardized-tests/

The author reports the results of the 45th Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup education poll which showed that fewer than 25% of the public believe testing has improved schools, 58% think tests scores to evaluate teachers are wrong, 66% have never even heard of common core, 70% trust teachers, and 70% oppose school vouchers.

Some of the result are in conflict with an AP and Education Next Poll and the authors response is:

Perhaps the answers lies in the way the question was worded:

32. As you may know, all states are currently deciding whether or not to adopt the Common Core standards in reading and math. If adopted, these standards would be used to hold the state’s schools accountable for their performance. Do you support or oppose the adoption of the Common Core standards in your state?

Seriously, who would answer ‘no’ to that?

It isn’t easy for people who are not familiar with polling methodology — which includes me and nearly everybody else on the planet — to understand the difference between polls that have some real validity and those that don’t. The bottom line is to be very careful about competing claims from this and that poll. They aren’t all alike.


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