Schools developing art, gym, music tests to judge teachers. – C. Binkley

Binkley, Colin.  “School developing art, gym, music, tests to judge teachers.” Columbus Dispatch.  August 24, 2013.  Retrieved from:

The article explains how districts are needing to make more tests, many of which are given the first week of school, so that teachers can be judged.  Teachers have complained the additional testing is unnecessary, does not help students, and is taking away from creative lessons the joy of learning.

In Olentangy schools, all third-grade students took an art test last week to chart what they know now. They answered questions about the principles of art, analyzed a piece of work and were given a drawing prompt.

Some teachers fear that, with so many types of tests, the system won’t grade all teachers equally. “Good or bad, it’s not the same,” said Johnson, of Columbus schools. “I’m sure that they don’t feel that it’s fair,” she said of teachers.


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