Messsage from a Charter School: Thrive or Transfer. – M. Winerip

Winerip, Michael. “Message from a charter school: thrive or transfer”. July 10, 2011.  New York Times.  Retrieved from:

A parent thought she “hit the jackpot” when her son was selected to go to a charter school.  After two weeks the school decided the student didn’t belong there due to his behavior and recommended a transfer back to the public schools.

From Day 1 of kindergarten, Ms. Sprowal said, he was punished for acting out.

“They kept him after school to practice walking in the hallway,” she said.

Several times, she was called to pick him up early, she said, and in his third week he was suspended three days for bothering other children.

In Matthew’s three years of preschool, Ms. Sprowal said, he had never missed time for behavior problems. “After only 12 days in your school,” she wrote the principal, “you have assessed and concluded that our son is defective and will not meet your school criteria.”


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