Lorain County Superintendents ask a question.

This was an email sent out from 17 Lorain County Superintendents asking about the Straight A Fund and Medicaid expansion which I received from William Phillis.  I would add that there must have be a significant amount of time (and therefore money) spent by ODE used to create the Straight A fund, collect and review the applications, and then complete the grant process.  Nevermind the amount spent by local districts during the application process.

From the 17 Superintendents:

We’re confused, and have a question. Is the $250 Million Straight A grant a significant investment that will solve many of the state’s educational issues, or is the projected $400 Million savings from Medicaid expansion divided by 613 school districts a “minimal impact” (as recently stated) that wouldn’t benefit schools? We’re confused, but dare to dream. Imagine what the combination of those dollars could do for a proven benefit to students such as universal preschool? There are no silver bullets, but getting students prepared at an earlier age to enter school is as close as it comes to one. It’s also a topic that people across the spectrum agree on, and is supported by research, and study after study. It seems that any combination of those dollars would go a long way towards developing student’s success for early intervention and for the “non-negotiable” 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee. What kind of impact might an additional $650 million have on Ohio’s schools? We believe the $250 Million targeted for the Straight A grant combined with the $400 million savings from Medicaid expansion would benefit ALL OHIO STUDENTS.


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