The US Poverty Problem

The US Poverty Problem


Ohio Ed Funding: 2013 vs. 2003


Business vs. Labor money spent on lobbying. – K. Griffin


Teachers get new marching orders but many feel pulled in multiple directions. – D. Smith Amos

Smith Amos, Denise. “Teachers get new marching orders but many feel pulled in multiple directions.”  December 15, 2012.  Retrieved from:

The author reports about the changes and struggles going on within the teaching profession including, Common Core standards, evaluations, value-added, end-of-course exams, the OGT, and the third grade reading guarantee.

“I’ve been in education 18 years; never have I experienced so many changes,” said Julie Renner, principal of Locust Corner Elementary in the New Richmond district in Clermont County. “They’re constantly throwing more stuff at us.”

No high school basketball player left behind. – Unknown

Unknown. “No high school basketball player left behind.”  Blog.  Undernews.  November 14, 2012. Retrieved from:

A good, short, entertaining, and sad analogy of NCLB.

If a team does not win the championship, it will be on probation until they are the champions, and coaches will be held accountable. If after two years they have not won the championship their basketballs and equipment will be taken away until they do win the championship.

What kind of schools benefit our communities and our country? – K. Griffin

By Kevin Griffin, President-Dublin Educators’ Association
October 17, 2012

The Corporate Education Reform movement has peaked and is on the decline.  Parents are waking up, looking at the facts about America’s Education system, and realizing that Public Schools are doing a fantastic job.

The Corporate Hedge Fund Education scheme of one-size-fits all reforms are a bust.  Standardize testing, which assume that all children learn and think in exactly the same way, are forcing schools to teach to the tests.  We can’t allow the bubble-sheet movement to shortchange our children.  The teachers know it and so do parents.

What kind of school would you like for children?  What kind of schools benefit our communities and our country?  One that has caring teachers with high levels of training?  One with small class sizes that allow for individualized instruction?  One with updated technology and trained educators in utilizing that technology?  One with a full library of resources?  One that teaches Foreign Languages, Art, Music, Health and Physical Education?  One that has trained and qualified nurses, counselors, and social workers?  One that has tutors and gifted specialists who have the time to remediate and enrich?  One where a school is a community and everyone is recognized, valued, and embraced?

If no child being left behind is a real goal and not just a gimmicky title then all children deserve engaging opportunities and a high quality childhood, not just the super rich.

More CNN Deletions. – D. Ravitch

After CNN interviewed corporate ed reformed Randi Kaye they interviewed Diane Ravitch.  The tone and type of questioning changed dramatically.  CNN has been deleting user comments which were left in Ravitch’s defense and that pointed to research that schools are not failing, charter schools and vouchers are terrible failures, and over testing is harming our students.

This morning there were 66 comments following my interview with Randi Kaye.
Now there are 24.
More CNN hocus-pocus, now you see it, now you don’t.  What gives?